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If there's a Volvo that needs fixing, we're the ideal place to do it. Volvo is popular for building some of the safest cars on the road. Every new Volvo car or SUV features a quality braking system, stable engines that don't age fast, and gaskets that hold up a little longer than one might predict.

Cars need regular inspections and maintenance to drive and behave the way we want them to on the roads around Bedford, NH. Merrimack Street Volvo Cars does Volvo maintenance in Manchester, a job we take seriously. Vehicles that receive routine service make the streets around Derry safer for all drivers.

What all does Volvo service in Manchester entail? We will check the parts of your car for signs of damage or wear. The mileage you've accrued since the last time you requested service is another indicator of when to take your car to our Volvo service center near Merrimack. Service sometimes involves nothing more than a check on a single part. Realistically, there might be several parts to upgrade, especially if you haven't brought your car in for service for a while.

Volvo gives recommendations per mileage and age, including useful information about when to bring your luxury SUV or car in for service. The manufacturer-recommended service intervals can vary a bit with every model, but most vehicles average about the same. When you're not busy, take a moment to look at these parts on your Volvo:

Serpentine Belt - No modern engine can turn without a serpentine belt. It's what automates many functions on your Volvo, such as its power to start up and use the steering wheel. The constant rotation of the belt helps water flow to the engine's cooling system. If it broke down, your engine would overheat very quickly. Open your Volvo's hood and take a glimpse at the belt. Does it look chipped, or are there parts of the belt that have frayed? Service on it should occur as soon as possible.

Battery Quality - You've probably seen it before: people stuck on the shoulder, and another vehicle pulls over to help them jump start a car. Maybe you've been in such an unfortunate situation yourself. It's frustrating when a battery dies. If yours needs recharging on several occasions over a short period, take it as a sign that you need a replacement battery. We can run tests on Volvo batteries to see if they're functioning the way they should be, telling you if a replacement is better than attempting to fix it. Car batteries aren't something to brush away. Even when there's nothing else wrong with your Volvo but the battery, you shouldn't wait to have a professional look at and service it.

Vehicle Shocks - Even bump, pothole, or uneven road you travel down is made less bumpy with a shock system. If it didn't exist on every vehicle, your ride would be bumpier and very uneasy on the stomach. Bad shocks are sometimes difficult to check without Volvo service in Manchester. When looking at the shocks on your Volvo, you might not come up with much unless something appears broken. Instead, listen for strange noises whenever traveling over a stretch that puts them to work. If the sound doesn't let up, you should immediately schedule service.

Engine - Yes, no service would be complete without checking the engine. Changing your engine's cap and the oil inside helps get rid of the old oil residue lingering around. It allows the water pump to work better and prevents it from reaching temps that are too high. Lubrication makes better performing Volvo engines, so hire us for your next oil change and engine check.

Take Advantage of the Volvo Valet Service

Our goal at Merrimack Street Volvo Cars is to make your life easier, which is why we are proud to offer the Volvo Valet program. Using Volvo Valet, you can have your Volvo vehicle serviced without having to leave your home or workplace. Once you select a day and time, our team will pick up your car or SUV and bring it to our Service Center. After we complete the work, we will deliver your ride back to you. With such a convenient process, we hope to make servicing your vehicle stress-free.

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If you'd like to keep your Volvo running, get service when the mileage for parts reaches a certain limit. We can service everything that you want, including tires, AC systems, and lots more. Our team has knowledge of all Volvo models. You can count on us to get the job done at our dealership near Londonderry, NH.

If your current Volvo car or SUV needs service, bring it to Merrimack Street Volvo Cars for professional automotive maintenance in Manchester. Our expert technicians will keep your vehicle in peak performance and get you back to driving with confidence in no time. The best part is that you can schedule an appointment online from the comfort of your home. So, when the time comes to service your Volvo model, bring it to our dealership for maintenance you can trust.

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