New Volvo Wagons: Driver-Focused, Versatile & Stylish

Are you ready to shop online for a new Volvo wagon? You can do that right now! Volvo wagons have an opulent cabin and excellent fuel economy. Many other characteristics make them ideal for individuals and families. Explore what each model has to offer using the information provided. You can even schedule a test drive on this webpage. We have simplified the process of shopping for a Volvo wagon.

New Volvo Wagons Manchester, NH

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Volvo V60

The Volvo V60 is quite sporty, something Bedford, NH drivers, notice immediately. It feels peppy and slightly athletic. The base model generates plenty of horsepowers. Keep in mind that higher trim levels are even more powerful. The V60 allows you to choose a driving mode based on the current situation. There's even a mode focused on fuel efficiency. This model gets great gas mileage, which means you can go on family trips without breaking the bank. When behind a V60, you'll appreciate the ease in which it handles.

Some drivers choose the base model of the V60 and add a package with the desired enhancements. There are packages for more robust technology and driver assistance features, among other elements that you'll appreciate. The V60 is often preferred because it provides more versatility. Being able to add a package makes it more compelling.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

The Volvo V60 Cross Country has been recently refreshed to make it more compelling. You'll appreciate how it's situated higher off the ground than other models, like what you would see in a crossover vehicle. It has tremendous agility, handling much like a car. Within its luxurious cabin are generous driver aids.

There are safety features in the V60 Cross Country that expand your ability to detect pedestrians, avoid veering out of your lane unintentionally and prevent collisions with vehicles. These are just a few examples of how the V60 Cross Country helps you stay safe. There are even more capabilities available through advanced driver aids.

Volvo V90

The new Volvo V90 has a style that's a bit more traditional. It's a difference that many drivers will appreciate. This model also has slightly more room for passengers. The higher trim level has an engine that's more potent than the base model. Rest assured that the powertrain and drivetrain of the V90 are of high quality, which is what many drivers expect from a Volvo wagon. Even the base model generates a significant amount of horsepower. Some packages can be added to the Volvo V90 to further enhance your driving experience. This includes features for the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

The V90 has many tech features, especially as it relates to connectivity and being able to use your smartphone without getting distracted. There are available upgrades that will make listening to music an incredible experience. The beauty of technology in a Volvo is being able to experience innovation firsthand.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

You won't be surprised to learn that the Volvo V90 Cross Country has a stunning interior with incredible cargo space. The star of this model is its potent powertrain. It feels far more energetic than what you would expect from a wagon. This is a vehicle that you can take on adventures and remain confident in its ability to perform.

There are many safety features in the V90 Cross Country, some of which provide important alerts to prevent an accident. They also assist you with maneuvering with a greater level of ease.

If you're interested in other Volvo body styles, the XC40, XC60, XC90, S60, and S90 should be on your radar. Derry area drivers can learn more about these Volvo models here at Merrimack Street Volvo Cars in Manchester.