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Volvo SUVs Available at Merrimack Street Volvo Cars

Luxury SUVs have long been one of the most sought after vehicles. They offer drivers the perfect balance of extra cargo space, comfort, power, and the latest and greatest technology features. No company has been a better job of putting out incredible luxury SUV's year after year than Volvo. That is why our team at Merrimack Street Volvo Cars located right here in Manchester, NH are so happy to tell you all about the various 2020 Volvo SUV models that we have to offer!

Volvo SUV Inventory

The XC90

This luxury SUV is incredibly spacious and offers plenty of space for you and your family. Never again will you have to worry about climbing over seats or having to pull levers to move seats to access the rear row. Now, just simply walk down the convenient center aisle to access the back row of seating. Additionally, the driver of this can will love the available 9-inch touch screen embedded right into the dashboard. Here they can sync several smart devices to do things like play their favorite music streaming services and utilize helpful navigation apps. Finally, to put your mind at ease, the XC90 offers blind spot detection technology, which always makes you aware of cars near you even when you can't see them.

Do you value sustainability in your vehicles? Thanks to Volvo engineers, the all-new 2020 XC90 is also available as a plug-in hybrid. This means that the vehicles run on a combination of both gasoline and electricity, making it far more efficient than a traditional SUV.

The XC60

The XC60 offers some unique style features not found in many other SUVs. For instance, the panoramic sunroof stretches almost the full length of the car, which allows tons of natural light into the cabin for you and your family to enjoy. This also makes stargazing easier than ever on clear nights. You'll also appreciate the pilot assist technology, which helps you to make small adjustments to your steering if the vehicle feels you are drifting out of your lane. Finally, be sure to utilize the folding rear seats which fold completely flat. This makes getting extra-large cargo into this SUV easier than ever before.

Looking for a greener option? Luckily the 2020 Volvo XC60 also comes with an available plug-in hybrid option that our Bedford, NH drivers appreciate. This will allow you not only to stretch your trips to the gas station between each fill-up, but it will also allow you to run errands or make short commutes using exclusively electric power.

The XC40

The most affordable of the three luxury SUVs offered by Volvo, the XC40, offers some truly incredible features. Take, for instance, all of the customization that can go into its design. You can select from a ton of different interior colors, trims, and even the color of its unique contrasting roof. Volvo engineers want to ensure that this SUV is designed to capture your very unique style perfectly.

Also, you will be sure to hear your favorite music like you're at the concert, and you can listen to all your favorite games like you're at the stadium, all thanks to the incredible sound system. Thirteen different speakers provide you will a fully immersive experience not to be found anywhere else. Finally, the XC40 offers plenty of storage and creative ways to create more space. This includes more than 57 cubic feet of cargo space in the rear of the vehicle, as well as hanging hooks conveniently placed throughout the cabin of the SUV to ensure nothing shifts during a long trip.

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