New Volvo Models Offer All the Best Features You Could Ask For

Before you visit a dealership, most buyers have the perfect vehicle in mind and have a good idea of the features they would like it to entail. On the opposite end of the spectrum, some buyers have no preference and are open to various vehicle types for consideration.

Generally, vehicle preference is based on the functions that buyers expect them to perform and lifestyle attributes. While some automakers focus solely on producing vehicles that fit a niche market, Volvo is committed to manufacturing vehicles for a wide array of consumer lifestyles and preferences.


The Volvo sedan lineup consists of two different models that capture customers' attention and thrust them into the future of automotive technology and evolution. With extremely similar layouts and features, the Volvo S90 and S60 make up the entirety of Volvo's sedan lineup. Slightly larger in size and boasting additional cargo capacity, the Volvo S90 sits above the S60 in both features and cost.The Volvo S60 gets slightly better fuel economy, yet both sedan options seat up to five passengers.

While differences between these two Volvo sedan options are minuscule, the Volvo sedan lineup's overall vision is cohesive. A focus on connectivity is relevant to the integrated infotainment systems. The Scandinavian design of these two sedans sets them apart from the crowd, and the natural interior space makes the inside of the S60 and S90 warm and inviting.


Volvo crossovers and wagons are dignified from the rest of this automaker's lineup with a notation of "V" before the model type. As a result, the crossover/wagon lineup consists of the V90, V90 Cross Country, V60, and V60 Cross Country. All these options offer seating for up to five passengers, but they vary greatly in their cargo capacity and fuel efficiency.

Versatile enough for diverse families and modern enough for hectic Manchester lifestyles, Volvo sedans and safe and innovative with exceptional design elements. Functional does not have to be boring, and the Volvo crossover/wagon models directly reflect this concept.


Aside from pure electric and hybrid models, three gasoline-engine SUV models are available in Volvo's lineup. These models consist of the XC90, XC60, and XC40. While the XC90 elongates the vehicle's stature and seating capacity, the XC60 and X40 are more compact from an SUV standpoint. Seating six to seven passengers with over 85 cu. ft. of cargo space, the XC90 is an influential SUV made for adventures and large families.

While the XC60 and XC40 are spacious, they are dynamic enough for comfortable daily driving and Bedford, NH navigation without the extra space and dimensions the XC90 must contend with. The technology and safety attributes prevalent in these SUV models are unmatched by many other Volvo competitors, making them a preferable choice for the offered price point.

Electric Models

The most popular modern vehicle attribute is a degree of electric power or hybrid technology. Many drivers want to save on fuel costs and efficiency. Volvo electric models make that easy with contemporary power train features an homage to safety innovation.

Two of the most popular electric vehicles include the Volvo XC90, known for its safety, and the Volvo XC40, which is known for its luxury attributes. Other electric and hybrid models include the Volvo XC60 plug-in hybrid SUV, S90 plug-hybrid sedan, S60 plug-in hybrid sedan and V60 plug-in hybrid wagon. It is safe to say Volvo has outdone many competitors in this market space, due to their dedication to innovation and development concepts.

Take One for a Ride

Whether you have a specific model in mind or are open to various options, it never hurts to try out a few different vehicles. Come on into Merrimack Street Volvo Cars near Derry to take a new Volvo on a drive and determine which model might be a good fit for you.