One of the most common questions from car shoppers deals with whether leasing or buying their next vehicle is the correct route to go. Purchasing a car brings up lots of questions, but how you choose to pay for it is one of the biggest decisions you make. Well, there are lots of factors to consider with this step, and to help car shoppers around our Volvo dealership, we've highlighted just what leasing a new car entails. Trying to figure out the best way to finance your next vehicle purchase? Read more below about all that comes with leasing a new vehicle!

Is Leasing a New Car Right for You?

The start of the leasing a vehicle is the same as if you were buying it. You find the type of model you want from our new Volvo dealership near Merrimack and talk with our team about if it's a fit for your lifestyle. But, our new Volvo leases have lower monthly payments because, in a sense, you're renting the Volvo from us. You'll have some papers to sign dealing with the lease terms and how long you're leasing it for. Then, while leasing your Volvo, you won’t be able to modify it, but you will have warranties covering most repairs and affordable monthly payments that keep your short-term cost down!

Once your lease term is coming to an end, you'll have a decision to make. Do you want to keep the vehicle you've been leasing? Or, do you want to change it out for a newer model year or different model altogether? If you choose to turn in your lease, we suggest getting an inspection to see the types of damages you may have to pay for. While this may all sound like a lot, we make the leasing process, from signing paperwork to turning it in, simple so that you get a stress-free car buying and owning experience!

Why Lease a Volvo Near Londonderry, NH?

Our Manchester Volvo dealership provides tremendous new Volvo lease offers, so if the info above proved that leasing is right for you, be sure to check those out. Of course, we have other lease offers and vehicles for sale in our new inventory if you don’t see a Volvo special you like or think you want to buy a car outright. Have questions? You can always stop by our Volvo dealership in Manchester or call ahead to talk with one of our team members today!

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