620 × 240?

SUVs have been around for a while now, and while it took some time for them to catch on, they’ve all but replaced minivans, and for many people, even pickup trucks. But, there have been a lot of detractors of SUVs in recent times, citing that only exceptionally large families or people needing to regularly haul a lot of stuff, actually get efficient use out of them.

Then why do you still see so many SUVs in Manchester? After all, the hard-working people of the Bedford, Derry, Londonderry, and Merrimack area are thrifty, not wasteful nor careless. The simple fact of the matter is that SUVs have gotten something of an unfair reputation. Sure, when they first came out, they were “gas guzzlers,” but every high-powered vehicle of that time could have the same said about them.

Volvo’s SUVs exemplify that SUVs can do a lot for most people, and that their advanced engineering is far from inefficient.

Volvo SUVs have the equivalent cargo space of a pickup, as well as the same powerful engine types and ruggedness found in pickups.

SUVs by Volvo can do more than a pickup, though. If you’re not hauling some serious cargo, those back seats unfold and provide room for up to seven people to ride in comfort. We do mean comfort, too, because another thing SUVs bring to the table that pickups can’t, are luxury interiors and spaciousness that makes them perfect for commuting, long road trips and everything in between.

Volvo, being a company associated with quality, also includes the latest technologies for safety and entertainment in their designs. With onboard driver assistance and anti-collision sensors, you can know you’re driving as safely as possible.

With Bluetooth, USB and app integration with high-resolution dash displays, you can connect entertainment packages to keep your passengers entertained on those long drives, and enjoy that hands-free always-online lifestyle that’s such a prerequisite these days.

At Merrimack Street Volvo Cars, we think everyone should experience an SUV by Volvo at least once, and see how much it changes how they think of SUVs.



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