When Is It Time for New Tires?


If it's been a while since you've thought about the condition of your tires, it may be time to check your tires and consider new tires. At Merrimack Street Volvo Cars, we Bedford, NH, and beyond by helping drivers with routine service and helping you find the right tires for your vehicle. When you have the right tires, you can count on the performance and safety that you rely on.

Learn more about when to consider new tires and the importance of finding the right match.


How to Tell if You Need New Tires

The first thing that you should consider is whether your current tires match the terrain and weather of your surroundings. As drivers in the Derry area know, winter can be a challenging time of year with the amount of ice, sleet, and snow experienced. When it comes to driving in winter, there's no replacement for winter tires for your confidence, safety, and performance.

Unless you plan to be at the mercy of winter weather, summer tires and even all-season tires won't cut it. Only winter tires can provide you with the traction needed to navigate winter conditions in the Londonderry area. Winter tires use special siping and tread patterns to grip on icy surfaces and shed snow build-up. They also have a unique rubber composition that remains supple while other tires become rigid and lose traction.

Do You Have Enough Tread?

If you already have the right tires, the next question is whether your tire tread is up to snuff. Tire tread is the rubber grooves that go around the circumference of the tire. Through normal driving and contact with the road, tire tread slowly wears away. However, at a certain point, your tires lose enough tread that they are no longer safe to drive on.

You can either check your tire tread yourself or rely on our expert service technicians to determine if they are road-ready. Schedule a service appointment today to determine if you need new tires so that you can drive with peace of mind!

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